The 80mm S-Pop is designed to reap surface havoc with a combination of large pops and big fizz from the holographic gills, water squeezes through the gills on every pop leaving a traceable trail of bubbles. Engineered to offer as many strike generating features as we can physically fit into this lure, allow the Balista S-Pop to generate you a strike when nothing else will work.

Also comes standard with 3X BKK barramundi hooks, there is no need to change the hooks these are the strongest hooks that we can fit on it without making it sink! BKK hooks are super prickly, ideal for surface fishing when every hook up is precious.

The LED is at its most effective in lower light conditions such as overcast conditions, the first and last hour of the day, brackish water and after dark. If you can notice the LED flashing in your hand you know its going to be highly visible to the fish, giving you a serious advantage.

Next time you're surface fishing make sure you have the S-Pop ultimate strike maker, when the fish are quiet cast out and let the multiple strike features assist you with with loud pops, fizz and LED light to catch more fish.

Now available in After Dark, this is a significantly reduced LED specifically for night time fishing. For more information on After Dark Click here.

S-pop on the water


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S-Pop LED Surface Popper

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