Darwin run off Barra fishing

With my first bub due later in the year Idarwin run off barra4 thought it was about time I pulled my finger out and came up to Darwin for a few days to try out the Balista’s. I’ve been doing a sales run from my hometown of Shepparton up to Cairns twice a year for the last 3 years. The first year was more about refining the Balista products to perform well on Barra which required a few tweaks with performance, upgrading the standard hardware that comes on our lures as well as adding more Barra specific colours into the range including UV paints.

River fishing for Bass

river bassThe attributes I love most about bass is their aggressive nature and brutal pulling power, especially for their size. On a recent trip to Port Macquarie I was fishing with a good mate James Newton, the plan was to walk the banks and fish this pristine river that James had access to. The river we fished was more of a creek in width but had plenty of deep pools in it, trees overhanging the river provided shade all day long. In this scenario where the water was quite dark from the shade the LED light in the lures that we were using was particularly bright.

Barra fishing with Merv Hughes

merv hughes balista luresTwice a year I make the drive from Shepparton Victoria up to Cairns to do a sales run to our Queensland barra store. I’ve always got plenty of fishing tied in with the trip, this time I had organized a couple of days fishing with Merv Hughes and Lindsay Dobe on Peter Faust dam.

Bass fishing in Hinze Dam

hinze bass fishingI have an old mate that is ex army who was from the Gold Coast many years ago, he has told many stories of finishing a day on the barracks and heading out to paddle around Hinze dam throwing surface lures for big bass. Upon arriving to the Gold Coast I was pretty excited to finally get a chance to fish Hinze dam.

Finesse lipless crankbaiting Golden Perch at Windamere Dam

windamere ally goldenUpon arriving on a recent trip to Lake Windermere we were confronted with low water temperatures and a super tough bite. It’s well known that Golden Perch are easiest to locate and catch when the water temperature is in the 18-22 degree range. When you start getting down to 14 degrees its just as challenging as trying to push start a car up hill. Local bloke Glen Stewart offered to take us out fishing for a couple of sessions, with 25 years of experience on the lake we were very grateful to be shown around the lake.

Fishing Lake Eildon for Golden Perch

eildon benLake Eildon is one of the diverse waterways not just in Victoria but also in Australia. How many places can you think of where you can go fishing for a day and be in the mix to catch trophy Golden Perch, Trout, Murray Cod and Red Fin? The opportunities are endless but are they by no means easy, I have spent many trips exploring Eildon and when you think you have it figured out the lake will throw you a curve ball, you can go from having a big day out one day to drawing a blank the next doing exactly the same thing.

After Dark - a new LED specifically for night fishing

after dark firestormAfter dark is a new concept we've been refining for quite some time now, its a significantly reduced LED light specifically for night time fishing. We've found at night time our standard LED can be too bright, when activated at night it creates a huge glow around the tail. The After Dark has a reduced LED, and we've painted over the tail to block out the large glow from the LED at night.

What do Barramundi and Murray Cod have in common?

barra1Barramundi and Murray Cod are legendary Australian Sportsfish, they both grow well over a metre, and both are implosion feeders. Rather than opening their mouths and biting into something like we would do with a big chocolate donut they open their mouths so quickly that they suck down that donut with a single slurp quicker than you can say ‘on’.

A lucky white Mangrove Jack lure

jack1Three times a year I come up North for a sales run, every time I make it up I look to squeeze in at least two days fishing. It was the last weekend before the close of Barra season and an Ingham local offered to take me out on the Hinchinbrook channel. I had been warned to not get my hopes up too high with the gigantic tides as the fishing had been tough in recent days because of it. We started the day on the run out tide finding nooks and cranny’s in the mangroves standing tall in the boat looking to spot Barramundi. One particular bank we fished Ryan mentioned that you usually would see at least a dozen Barra amongst the mangroves, we couldn’t spot even one. The only sign of life was black bream coming up slurping at the surface poppers.

Fishing Expedition for Large Murray Cod

cod1I hear fishing tales all of the time, there is big fish in nearly a lot of inland waterways whether you’re fishing Blowering, the Murray river or anywhere in between. At the end of the day if you get enough people on the water fishing, a big fish is bound to pop up. When I start hearing success stories from everyone that's frequenting the same area I start to get intrigued, I love exploring new waterways and thought I’m going to give it a go. It was the last weekend of Cod season and after a few busy weeks I was dying to get away for the weekend, I had done an expo for 3 days the week before I needed a break from talking and decided I was going to throw the swag in the boat and go for a fish solo for the weekend. I drove up to the Murray River and start exploring some of the subsidiaries off the river to see what I could find.